I am a cartoonist. To answer your question, yes I know Garfield

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Gee it looked nicer in the ad...

But who?????

Why Do I have a tshirt from a 2003 prom I never went to

My fortune cookie is a bit inscrutable.

Awwwww yeah

Which spirit animal should I summon

But I don't want to

Nice big hill at the rest stop, maybe I'll roll down it and lie at the bottom and await death

Sandtato by

A egg in the sand

I found Fudgewindow. I had thought it but a legend

I think I might be... done????


You asked for fun facts

A fearsome dragon!!!


So you asked for a dirtbike...


Someone requested Meatball but I drew Quick Draw by accident. Oops

If your sketch request was "Whatever your heart desires" and it was nearly lunchtime, this is probably what I drew in your book.