I am a cartoonist. To answer your question, yes I know Garfield

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I like to stick to a schedule

yeah! Reginald fits... less well.

Also, heh heh heh heh heh #skywardsword

A wampa is keeping score

Here I am on the set of Episode Seven

she jumped into the box herself. She wants to go to you.

oh well if you're collecting cats...

Oh Luke

The math just doesn't work! What is going on here???

A collaborative jam yak with

What an odd nonsense email

I made some table decorations for MIX

C'mon Siri

Let's Yugioh!!!

the future of Kirby

I finished the bookshelf and threw some books on there. I guess I should organize them as well? Will it never end

Beartato NO that is NOT a toy

Anime comics!!!

Does anyone know what these things on the sides of the windows are for?

Just kidding, that was the basement. Here is the real living room.