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Cycling and Football. ITV put a roof over my head but may not share my Weltanschauung.

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Plenty of Man Utd fans out there. For some reason this one has it in for window repair men.

More images of Madrid. Here are some Italian men expressing the narrowness of their personal horizons.

The day met Gianluca Vialli. Note Matt's relaxed microphone arm and natural, relaxed smile.

But otherwise I can't help. I Am in Madrid

Amusingly, me, , johann bruyneel, and doing the TdF pod. With Steve, too.

Here's the lolly/sprinter shot. On closer inspection, it's the Nat Champs, which might explain the look.

See. #chinosNO!!!

I find myself watching cricket. It just segued perfectly onto the Giro. Might as well give it a chance.

RP17. Done. Off to Wembley now. Avram etc on the telly at 1.30ish.

Does this strike anyone as a little embarrassing in retrospect?

ours was rammed! Never had to queue to vote before...

This is the clincher. Political genius. #sosimpleitsbrilliant

damn right. I spotted this a few days ago and was equally struck #sosimpleitsbrilliant

Down A+E. Managed to drop a cast iron stove on neighbour's toes. Ouch.

Why has no one else thought of this. #sosimpleitsbrilliant

Spent a day with Avram Grant in Tel Aviv yesterday filming for FA Cup final. The man has a real story to tell.

My crap blue shoes. #nickcleggsfault

Just passed some amusing graffiti

It's the warning light in the middle. I've not got a clue what it means. Except expense.