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People like me have been described as 'left-wing pinko,' 'radical,' 'driven by an ideological imperative,' and 'with the child pornographers.' #NOgateway

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Remember erstwhile #VoteTO candidate Kevin Clarke ("The People's Mayor")? He's running for MPP in KW & spamming fb events across Canada

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I'm calling it. This is it right here. The precise moment #glee jumped the shark. Not sure I can watch the rest of this episode.

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Remember when we had winters like this? What happened to that? #NotThatImComplaining

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#Energizer greenwashing. Zero Mercury batteries... since 1991.

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Aww... someone was really hopeful when they told Google this. #BringBackRetweets

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Dear : If I get this goddamn error message one more time I'm deleting your fucking app FOREVER. #FAIL

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One year ago today, I (drunkenly) signed up for . I'm now addicted, & still don't know what it's for.

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Moments like this pic (which I stole from the G&M, & has in the background) are how I remember Jack

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#NewTwitter fail #7: This. Seriously, this? Sydney, Australia doesn't exist ??

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iOS 4.3.3 no longer back up cache of location DB to #iTunes. Smart move, #Apple.

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I don't have enough monitors!!! #elxn41 #cantkeepup

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#NDP says: "Thinking of Voting #Green? Actually, you should, but only after you vote for us" #elxn41 #GPC #WTF?

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went to register my absence. These were the password reminder questions. Harsh, Canada, harsh.

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who knew you and had so much in common?

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Creepy!! This appeared in my bathroom mirror after my shower!!

I'll regret this tweet later I'm sure, but for a season called "the wet" it sure is awfully dry here.

There is a giant pile of bananas labelled "banana hoard" at Circular Quay.

WORST use of stock imagery *ever* ... they didn't even bother to add colour!

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