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As middle-wage manufacturing jobs have been replaced by low-wage service jobs, incomes have steadily fallen #NCGA

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Infographic: Poverty remains high in NC, hitting young children & ppl of color hardest #NCPol #TalkPoverty #NCGA

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Not very promising: lawmakers cut key areas of K12 budget that help boost student outcomes bit.ly/1gn9H5d #NCGA

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CHART from our NEW report: State K-12 spending still lower than in 2008 bit.ly/1gn9H5d #NCGA #NCPol #NCed

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US has seen more growth, but also more poverty. We need a measure of genuine progress http://bit.ly/197C5DZ #NCpol

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Why we need a measure of genuine progress: The US has seen more growth but flat progress, via #NCpol

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MAP: Military areas & research hubs hardest hit from across-the-board cuts http://bit.ly/188jqDi #NCpol #Sequester

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WIC authorized stores are more concentrated in rural & persistently poor areas of NC http://bit.ly/H20Dna #NCpol

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NEW Infographic: State-level spending cuts to the K-12 education system hurt the classroom #NCGA #NCpol #NCed

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Rising college costs and the declining impact of key grant aid programs are important issues for NC #NCGA #NCpol

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Protect affordable housing for low-income or wealthy #taxdodgers http://bit.ly/18mQlYO #TaxTradeoff #NCPol

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Food and housing for NC's families or tax breaks for CEOs? #taxtradeoff #NCpol

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. is discussing stagnant incomes & racial disparities. What the picture looks like in NC #nerdland #NCpol

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1.7 million NCians will see their food assistance cut Nov 1 http://bit.ly/15YoQnx #SNAPcuts #NCpol

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#SNAPcuts: shrink food budget for kids/families OR make corporations pay their taxes? #RealHungerGames #NCpol

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#NC fails on child poverty, unacceptably high rates persist #TalkPoverty #NCGA #NCpol

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Income Inequality is widespread in NC #TalkPoverty #NCpol #Census

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Sign our #TalkPoverty pledge & end the silent treatment. The conversation begins w/you http://bit.ly/RUH7wP #NCpol

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#SNAP and Social Security lifted millions out of poverty in 2012 & made tens of millions less poor in 2012 #NCpol

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#SNAP is very effective at targeting households with kids which receive the highest average monthly benefit #NCpol

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