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usually this whole thing is filled with socks. Same brand, same color, same size.

Current status.

Wow. is really overcharging for these phones.

Wow. is really overcharging for these phones.

here’s a cat.

Just realized that Star Trek: VOY started filming about 20 yrs ago. #DamnImOld #DamnitGary #getoffmylawn #HeresACat

meh. I prefer this varsity of cleavage.

This is surreal. Palestinian giving advise to those in #ferguson on how to respond to tear gas.

. oh and a suitcase with a seat. #passiveagressiveSeattlite #DamnitGary

Don’t tell but in this 40, the dog gets a seat.

I went looking and found this craziness. Perhaps I could get it with a KLM flight number?

I really love when old buildings get reused but this is a bit silly. #SLU #AmazonCountry #DamnitGary

I know nothing about #aroundthetable and Common Table, but I really appreciate the quote.

Siri, please be nice to the Republicans, that's not what I said. Though the William Finn song isn't nice to them...

I have no idea who to report this to, but it's going to make the first route 2 of tomorrow interesting.

Think its a hidden WaMu logo. What do other Seattlites think? Don't tell #ChaseSucksButWaMuDidToo #DamnitGary