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Diamonds and Rings aren't my things. But, you truly are my Dope King. Love, XoXo

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I swear this is freaking nice.

#BKE #Volkswagen #GTI #rain #Johor

My malay results. It dropped all the way because the techer refuse to teach something

Seeing all of us solat, she also grabs a tudung and kain and follows us.☺

New game, new play! Yeahh. Needa save $$$ up!

I spot something niceeee~ hahah! Finally it reaches Singapore! Yeahhh

I got something to show you guyss. That middle girl, is Kim Kardashian. In Singapore.

Nie sape punyer handwriting siaa?

Sunday is a barbeque day!

My whole family from my mother side. Fuhh, sampai tak terkira aku.

He is my ex-boyfriend. Y'know, after he become rich, famous, he lupakan me la sial! Mentang2 keluar kat Forbes mag.!

She is my idol :D

Blissed to have a wonderful, beautiful, smart, irritating(most of the times) and a darling niece!

Watching IIFA now at vasantham.

This bag is quite big. Should i just use it? My sister if buy for me bag ah, all big2 like want to run away from home.

See guys! reply ma' tweet! Be jelly peopleeee.

coming singapore?For what?

Is this gonna come out for exam you old hag?

sialah! Ada matrep? Alaa, matrep chennai tak handsome. Tak boleh lawan mattep mumbai. Heheh

spot it?

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