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Abandoned women's boot (single). What's the liquid? What's the story?

These plastic bag suffocation cartoons seem a wee bit graphic, no?

This one:

Is it me or does George Harrison look like in this picture?

Who is it that makes the nice handbags? Is it Gucci? No, no, that's wrong. It's Mucci isn't it?

Is this rude?

Seems harsh on Doris Day but at least they've self-edited the swear.

You can tell you're in Scotland when Oor Wullie comic strips are plastered on toilet walls.

Hello old friend.

"Can anyone recommend a very good lawyer?"

I'm sure that Stacy Solomon's a lovely person but she always reminds me of the ghost boy from 70s BBC TV's Lost Hearts.

Here's a photo of my good buddy

Whenever I'm on a First Great Western train I cannot resist pressing this even though I know it's not a button.

They have 7 11s in Cardiff only there they're called 7 Days. This says "we will open on Sundays, but not until 11pm".

Here were some photographs from our Cardiff trip. First up the amusingly named T & A Kebab Shop #titsandass

Does this sign for a Bratwurst shop remind you of anything? #That'sLifeStyleTwoot

A little bit of honesty from Iceland regarding their Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon.

That, and this.

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