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I stopped by the closed gallery. "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin is blaring on a loud speaker.

This is madness.

PEZ dispenser Gandalf says, "You shall not PEZ!" #PoppeChristmas

This truly is a Merry Christmas. Mom got me LOTR pez dispensers. Time to watch "The Hobbit" trailer 23 times in a row.

In the new , you can see my Top Okie albums of the year list. I'll have a link soon. Here's a preview.

I met this dog in Abilene, KS which is the home of Pres. Eisenhower. Both should run for president.

A few of my photos made it into today.

I also grabbed the red/green and Christmas vinyls. My holiday season is made.

I picked up my cassette today. Free Christmas songs from rad Okie bands.

This is the most disturbing and weird e-mails I've ever received in the past five minutes. Oklahoma, meet Dying Fetus.

Excellent celebration at the and Christmas shindigs. Here's a quasi Big Love Hospital.

I'm about to interview Okie artist . His work is hanging tonight. Pretty rad stuff.

My final pic of the night. Thanks for the party

And so the madness began. and smile while the people dance. And how they danced.

I think this why they are called French Horn Rebellion. Good start to the show.

The Girl Talk opener has a bass line that's shaking my heart. Does anyone have extra heart?

I got myself an early birthday present. A terrible mustache.

The dangling feet of a building cleaner . He has to be cold and dizzy.

I'm wrapping up some handmade doodles for a certain Studios and collaboration.

The new vinyl plays in reverse. Wicked sauce.