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Here's a drawing of a squid I did earlier to explain what squid is

Ive captured "lightning" on film from my door step. Observe:

THE authority in hand dryers

Got a shot of the elusive east village chupacabra last night

These people are about to get eyeball lasered

It's not here anymore. Bummer

Yacht rock

I did a bunch of these last night while watching documentaries. indoor finger painting

I did this crap earlier with the 'Colors' app but It's like 5 bucks


Did some paint doodling last night while watching Prohibition by Ken Burns and tried to copy a Leyendecker too

Oh darnit! looking over some sweet print proofs. Avaliable soon from the gang. Print Party!

I just invented this new dish. I'll call it cantaloupe and bacon. There you go, chefs

My D with D's is getting pretty thrashed guess I should read it faster

I think I'm in the future, THE 80'S FUTURE

Thinking about diving into this time portal.

What a country!

look who I have!

I like these guys no bullshit approach to marketing

Impressions of Tera Nova