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She joined twitter on '11 not yesterday-_- ": Wew has reached 3300+ followe

Meet Ms. Pattinson. Yes. I'm robert's sister. Be Jelly.

RT-nya banyak! Makasih yak!! ☺

Maaciw yak Indonesia! Aku jadi Top Tweet lagi untuk TTWW "Kok Febri" aduhh.. Jadi maluu.. ‎​(ʃ⌣ƪ)

Me and the beautiful ms.

and me! LOL :p

Fery and Adit ☺

Snow White & The Huntsman . 21:40 show! Can't fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beautiful on the cover of Kawanku Magazine (Indonesia Magazine)

My version of maiko/geisha (:

I guess I'll dress up like a maiko next wednesday (;

Just bought heels. Gosh. Can't really walk on these.

OMG at 's mom. -rolling to africa- thanks to

is actually a fan of Agung Hercules! (:

Meet the innocent me.... IKR! LOL


This Is How I Feel Right Now. ☹

This girl just so amazing. I love her so much. She's my role model. ♥

on my TV. my effing telly! Be jellu. It's josh on my telly! -dead-

The acapella group : and Imam. (Minus )

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