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I get sh*t done. Wife. Mother of 4 &1dog. Coach. Youth Leader. Mission work. I have great taste in men, music, booze& hockey teams. Shhh....the Game is on.

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Dark cherry sage grilled center chops and angus steak sliders. #grillporn for :)

My grillin' partner for today. #dimples

. I pay ALL this money and THIS IS HOW I WATCH THE NBA FINALS? #sportsTVmonopoly

Seriously? During the game!!! Eff u direct TV. my bad night continues.

Its officially summer when my son plays hockey in his boxer shorts&inline skates, on my driveway.

There's my Luke :)

I officially have a middle schooler. Such a dagger for me. How'd this happen? #old

I'm trying to watch the game& I'm being attacked by a light saber. Kids are great. *sips cocktail*

Scratch and sniff. I made homemade banana chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

My older boys are orange-brown dusty faced frm baseballdiamond dirt. They smell like wet goat-Gross.

My first time trying this. Darn Grocery store won't re-stock my Summer Shandy fast enuff.

My youngest&oldest. Man, they look like their daddy. He has the two that look like me, today. Lol

Long 20 min walk back to the car. A tad tipsy. Lol

Post race cocktail! Yummy. :)

My son Luke got 3rd place :)

My daughter starting the race.

A couple of SHADEY ladies, after the race.

I'm like running this racethingy,took1mile in walking just to get there. Go SMC community&Corporate!

This is how I have to watch every #Nats game. Ugh. My sons. #pitchinginhisboxers

Quit watching me in the tub. Its creepy.