Loves working with children. Loves to cook and also bake. Currently working in ECE field. Family oriented. iPhone fanatic.

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I made this Cupid. Isn't it cute? Ok, I kid. A CSUSB tutor made it for the valentines day bulletin board.

Looking through my favorite cookbook. Thinking about cooking tuna-noodle casserole 4 my coworkers. That'll be their Xmas gift from me, along w/ a Christmas card & spree candy canes 

Mmm... Whole lot of goodness! Bomb rolls!

Yay!! My order for sees candies came in this morning at work.

I def need to go to bed after snacking on these cookies...

Turkeys done! Just gotta take out the thermometer and cut the strings.

My turkey is bout ready to go in the oven.

My breakfast :) also a great snack whenever wherever

Oh yeaaaah!!! Check out this bad boy right here!...

Got home and found this outside the door. I'm guessing it's the george foreman grill.

Can't decide which one to wear out tonight...green or purple? Hm...

Just got to work and got an invitation for the yearly Xmas dinner or whatchamacallit. Def not going!

Guess what I did? I tried to use a can opener to open up a can of diced peaches when it already has the tab that I can lift to open it. Man, I need to go home and sleep some more.

In the near future and I will get an English bulldog...

This looks awesome. I'm gonna buy it.

Lil first grader drew this for me...I told her I'm going to put it on my fridge 

I drew this for a lil first grader...she said she's gonna put it in her room 


I love this deodorant! Been using it for over a year now. In my suitcase it goes...