Selena is just everything to me, Christian is my future husband, problem? fuck you. Bella Thorne - Jelena - Louis Tomlinson.

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"Digo... me enojo, me enfurece, eh llorado antes, pero no puedo dejarlo, tengo una gran familia, estoy tan bendecida de que estoy aquí, no puedo enfocarme en eso, intento no hacerlo."
"LA mitad de las chicas me dicen cosas, que nunca se lo dirían a alguien en su cara, es la idea, la ilusión de poder decir lo que sea que quieras, como sea que quieras, las cosas malas que se pueden decir y que, al final del día, nadie sabrá que eres tú . Soy humana asi que claro, lastima mis sentimientos, no me gusta leerlo- Selena sobre los insultos de los haters. (si, me maté copian dolo de un vídeo, asique den créditos porfa si lo usan.)

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not changed, just mature ♥ do you think? *-*

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No cambió, sólo Maduró ♥ que les parece? *-*

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OMG ! Delena forever♥

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Hi Selena, first of all, if you're reading this, thank you very much for it, means a lot to me, means a lot to me, YOU, you're an angel, My Angel, I love you with all my heart and all my life, you always love, the best of my life is you. When I'm sad, I look at you, and it is inevitable that leave me grinning from ear to ear haha, I achieved neither words nor feelings, nor life! to show you when I love you, love you a lot, always will support you in everything you do, never forget you, NEVER. Although we are a million miles away, my heart is where you are. When I look at you when you listen to when you feel in those moments I am the happiest person in the world, I'm sure of it. I admire a lot, I have done so at an early age and I looked at Barney! OMG! I imitate you! haha ... You were so sweet and beautiful as we're now. another good thing is that, well obviously my biggest dream is to meet you, hold you feel your arms and see your beautiful smile, I hope to one day, which I doubt (pero.. you know, NEVER SAY NEVER;). I wish you well in your life, aaah! and a happy birthday, love you, never forget that, whatever happens, whatever you do, no matter with whom you are, I'm going to support, ALL, whatever you do, wherever you are, who you're with, always good for us.
NEVER forget you SELENA MARIE GOMEZ, you're everything to me, I think I'll be 30 years old and I'm going to keep remembering you <3

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Middle Of Nowhere

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jajajaja que horror me salio :P

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Im sorry,
for changin'
im sorry it had to be this way
believe me
this is the address to pretend
but i wont apologize for who i am♪

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No me alcanza ni la vida para demostrarte cuanto te amo ♥

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Lo que siento mi corazon por vos, no lo sentirá nunca por nadie, estoy segura de eso te amo demasiado

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siempre vas a estar en mi corazón, sos demasiado, nunca amé a alguien de la manera que te amo a vos

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Close your eyes and pretend all is well ~

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Lo mejor de mi vida eres Tú

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You're beautiful
Like a dream come alive, incredible
A centerfold miracle, lyrical
You saved my life again
And i want you to know baby♪
i love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuch♥

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me toco la palabra LIFE para la aplicacion de i love you so much !

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OMG! esta chica me quiere matar de un infarto♥ You're beautiful♥ i love you

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