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I've got that Justin Bieber fever. Belieber for-ever. Meeting my husband on January 23, 2013.

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haha really here's the pic

Omg she's black guys Wootwoot but she's pretty #dang now I don't stand a chance good try tho gabs

Seriously my fav pic of all time :)

Omg like really that's the best u can do pep be hateful on for nothing #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Omg this picture is so magical oh my gosh his face ... The girls face her clothes shes adorable #flawlesstime

Nothing a like...

Nothing a like...



I have the pleasure of seeing my small group kids instagram pics since she made me follow her #shessoweird

Okay that picture just killed me I should beeee there #thatshouldbeme #jingleballatl

Mama J replied to :) yaaa i never knew she was so clones she goes to one of my church's other places #socool

why r u sooo attractive?!?!? u look sooooo fabulous in this pic I mean for real #thatshouldbeme

#MemoriesIWontForget when retreated me :) beautiful time it was zuper late though

4th graders with instagram lol #no where is the world going?

The #biebscollection cant wait to enter the contest

#50ReasonsWhyILoveJustinBieber though I will do some I love to see him smile it just lights up the freaking whole room

Lol tots is the bomb love that quoting right there :) #missuu

Okay and fav tweets of #believetourday1 both have quoting from

Okay and fav tweets of #believetourday1 both have quoting from

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