It's Courtney bitch.



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Just got given this for Glastonbury.... 3 guesses for what it is..... #ewwwww

Got all my Glasto stuff, am I a cool festival goer yet?

YES YES YES. FINALLY. I'm only 2 months late for my friend's birthday, but it's finally worked. #mixtape

you will too.


: Quote this tweet with a selfie; whoever RTs thinks you're beautiful. (:”

Here's the happiest goat you'll ever see. You're welcome.

Excuse you. #blamepetewenz #theemoiscoming

Hey. Hey touringchippy. Fuck you.

When I get stressed I bite my nails. My fingers kept bleeding today :( and it's horrible. And wah. #disgusting



I'm sure my 'real friends' aren't twattish enough to act like that....

Shut up.

Too true.

Can I just. Velvet suit. *strokes*