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you and me both

Midnight count - yeesh. We may get another inch by morning.


So, yeah. This happened. #snowpocolypse2014partduex


Super Mario 3D

You know it's bad when the liquor stores close early. #snowpocolypse2014

Domino, mother fucker!!

is that the same as saying "shallow and pedantic"?

MT : ": Merriweather plans to hit his appeal head on." He launched himself into the process

MT : Hey hey aka Meg Turney from . This is getting crazy!

does this look darker than yours?



Their android mascot does not give me relief that they can fix the problem... #sixmilliondollardebtman

I'm on Edge network on getting full bars. #attoutage #doesntstopme

poison ivy in question...

I'll take your 103 degrees and raise you to 107.