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Some days I feel "spacial" too.

Killing time (and a Shiner Bock) waiting for Nancy's meeting to end.

Sunset from the Queen Isabella Parkway - another perspective.

We're on a boat!

Keep looking at my wrist to see what time it is.. and then I'm reminded

The water park at night.

Appetizers. Beach side. #hellzyeah


Sunset from the Queen Isabella Causeway.

Road trip!

A view from my office. I bet this place is beautiful at night.

Added a brush guard and step bars today. Gotta order a tool box tho :(

Wildflower demarcation

The "office turkey" in full bloom. He is a Heritage Turkey.

Fueling up the 'copter about to go moth slaying...

Bottling day. Finally.

Gee, I wonder where the leak is...

Real survey techs measure their icicles in decimal feet - just sayin'

Noticed this as I was going into Doc's @ Sunset Valley for a beer.