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I draw Dork Tower. I draw Munchkin. I drew Apples to Apples (and did all the #$&!!@! flavor text). Mostly? Proud husband and father.

Photos and Videos by @muskrat_john

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They'll finish off this unit. NOTE TO : you have to blame as your Empire army falls! :P

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Thanks to , I now have free time, again. Time know...PAINT MINIS!

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Pointed out by : her reply to the "boyfriends playiing magic" tweet, four days ago.

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An odd addendum to the Gizmodo thing: this was posted by a self-described "Gizmodo peon" four days ago:

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Coloring the 15 Years of Dork Tower/10 Years of Munchkin celebratory drawing...

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Just a little idea I had for a Dork Tower 15th Anniversary logo...

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Guy Fieri? Heat Miser? Heat Miser? Guy Fieri? I'M JUST SAYING, IS ALL...

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That first panel, minus the "Sketch" layer. Sadly, this took me almost half an hour. It'll get faster...

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Playing around with the drawing tablet. Never used one before. The purity of the line is amazing.

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D @massawyrm - Here you go!

D - Here you go!

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#cvg2011 memories: killing us softly with his song (which happened to be "Handlebars") I HAVE VIDEO!

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Having fun playing with new hotness. Thanks to for the help in choosing a tablet.

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More damning than pics of in drag? PICS OF HIM AT KARAOKE! Singing Bohemian Rhapsody! #cvg2011

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...and does it have anything to do with the return of...GILLY?

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Goodness...what could THIS be the harbinger of? #DorkTower

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The book that got me started on prober BBQ techniques. It's got attitude to spare, but its awesome for newbs.

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My Webber smoker - AKA "Pork Tower" - did sterling service in its first use of the year: Smoked brined chicken.

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Potential new toy: My Little Cthulhu Geek. With geeky little victims.

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If I were to send someone a high-res TIF file of this pic, would someone be able to send me back a vector version?

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I'm donating the original from this to the BARK & WINE Dane County Humane Society auction -

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