I am, and I also work for several concert production companies around the SF Bay Area.

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Dude just incessantly rang my doorbell, wanting me to participate in TV ratings. Sorry, haven't had cable in 20 years.

Punch it!! --

Oakland sunset.

Finally found one in stock and have it reserved. Now, I just need to wait in line....

You know what? looks pretty darn good on an iPad.

You know what? looks awesome on an iPad.

Trying to get a pic of Aymara this morning, but she isn't feelin' it. This is the best I got. Hehe

Riding hard = snapping the rear end shock/hinge assembly. Yeah, just try and do it on your bike.

Today's contribution to my new office space.... Hehe

Mochi is tottally freakin me out... She is asleep upside down, with one eye open - staring at me. CREEPY!

Behind glass in my private booth on the train. No dealing with crazies. Oh yeah! Hehe

80) “: An hour early, front row seats.”

Good morning!!!

Shhh.... Yes, she's sleeping. HA!

Chillin' alone in the backstage crew smoking area. Taking a quick little break before Toby Keith comes on.

American Steel is rockin'!!

Angry Amputees!!

Yup! It was camera mounted car for Top Gear USA. Super cool!

WTF?!? My guess is a special camera boom mounted to the roof for shooting internal shots while rotating around the car.

Subsonic Tent = Heart stopping bass and deafening treble. WHOLLY SHIT!!