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Crows by Rick Shaefer with a reflection of his GIANT rhino in the window at William Holman Gallery (LES).

Robert Seyffert drew a street scene, then got Tats Cru graffiti artists to do mini pieces on it.

This lady's all, "Here. I got you this vase." #Picasso

May have to make this my new best in show, #Picasso! Portrait of a portrait of a portrait! (after #Velazquez)

Very few things make me sadder than the dream deferred of a stalled museum opening. When will open?

I love these new Sadie Barnette ( ) pieces featuring super geometric dirt! #Fore at .

Astonished by the detail and vivacity of these drawings by Toyin Odutola at .

Another part of Firelei Baez's 80+ polyptich whose title is so long, it needs its own tweet!

Wow. Firelei Baez's goauche and ink on found paper are amazing. Pretty impressed by Fore so far, .

These three big collages by Sienna Shields at each succeed with a completely different palette.

The remixed Exit sign in this Brenna Youngblood painting at is made by the "Lynch Sign Co."

Christopher Wool's "Untitled" (2007) and man with GIANT sack of dreadlocks at info desk.

Hahahaha... When did put this little model of in their lobby?

Holiday hoards make their way out as closes for the day.

Super crowded at ! Look at these hoards.

I think I want to become a scholar of Georges Vantongerloo so I can say his name a lot. Plus, love this lil guy!

This rad 1921 UNOVIS ("Affirmers of the New Art") relief is my favorite thing so far in MoMA's abstraction show!

Digging the implied motion & muted colors of this painting by Suzanne Duchamp (Marcel's sister) .

Duchamp's prescriptive title: "To Be Looked at [from the Other Side] with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour"

Complicated, dynamic geometries in this David Bomberg oil at .