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Paul Klee was very patient with watercolor.

Forgot Paul Klee's titles could be so funny. "In Memory of an All-girl Band" (detail)

Even after seeing all those 16th c. hell scenes, Kiki Smith's "Lilith" may win the creepiness award .

This is pretty amazing for an etching. Rudolf Stang (1873) at .

Woman on the far right's all, "Queen to queen's rook 6? Really? What an amazing idiot." #Eyeroll in #ArtHistory

Grumpy cow.

Another extraordinarily detailed hell scene at . This one is by Jan Van Eyck (ca. 1390-1441).

A truly horrific hell house in this Boschian 1550s "Christ's Descent into Hell" at .

Label for this notes the "bubo" on St. Roch's leg indicating plague, but I'm curious about his kicks!

A couple of the animals hanging out with Christ in the the wilderness in this 1515 Moretto are totally made up!

Love the shaggy hair, pointy beard combo on hey-Zeus in this Rafael donated to in 1932.

Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog. Seriously though how'd Murillo get that mastiff to hold still for so long?

This guy's awesome. Never seen him before. Always find something new at . (Southern U.S., 1820-50)

Can you spot the little kid sitting where he shouldn't in 's Arms & Armor? #WheresWaldo

I love it when gets out this dark, creepy Blade Runner-esque Lee Bonticou!

Super hard to take pics with the crowd in Bureau, but I snuck under the table to get Kristen Jensen's Husband Can

Pop-up books in the back nook of . This truck is rad!

Soothing straight and wavy lines drawn in blue chalk by Jillian Clark with gorgeous chalk dust on the floor.

Hey! Your epidermis is showing. (Closeup of Rick Shaefer's "Rhino," charcoal on vellum)

Ultra-controlled, elegant drawings of boulder-like forms by Sally Tittmann at Wm. Holman Gallery.