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Really cool work with cement bleeding through the canvas by Naomy Safran-Hon in #GoBrooklyn

#GoBrooklyn at looks great! The work integrates surprisingly well for community curation.

Two of the #ElAnatsui "Waste Paper Bags" made from used aluminum newspaper printing plates.

I come to to learn about booze!

Very cool squishy Marela Zacharias art just chillin' up in the brickwork at .

#GoBrooklyn looks fantastic! These iPads are mixed up though. Way back when, I tweeted something similar...

Raw/Cooked artist Duron Jackson interviewed (at this event

Checking out "Life, Death, & Transformation in the Americas" . Love this Heiltsuk skull in ladle!

These little guys have so much personality for being made so simply! #ElAnatsui "Seers" (1993)

I walked in, saw these, & felt my whole body go, "Whoa." Right after, a guy walked & said it. Weird. #ElAnatsui

The fabric-like folds in this "Black Block" & the red one next to it are just... Whoa. #ElAnatsui

I'd never seen these big "Waste Paper Bags" (2004-10) which are made from discarded printing plates. #ElAnatsui

"I don't believe in artworks being things that are fixed. You know, the artist is not a dictator." - #ElAnatsui

Gorgeous undated "Currents" by #ElAnatsui in chainsaw-incised wood. Different from the foil, but still iterative.

"The title of this work, Gli, can mean 'wall,' 'disrupt,' or 'story' in the Ewe language." - label

The tin can lids used to make #ElAnatsui's "Drainpipe" looked like Hannukah gelt to me at first.

These dudes are about to get medieval on this Spanish lady at .

Hate that your helmet hides your luscious locks? Do you want your opponent to see your elegant ears? Well now...

My favorite of the little inlaid-stone panels on 's Italian cabinet. This little guy's like, "What fire?"

Got so close to this 1615-23 Italian cabinet, I set off the alarum. Extraordinary inlaid stone.