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At the launch of in Venice. On the right is Hans Ulrich Obrist (), one of the judges.

Sarah Sze trompe l'oiele boulder (photo of real rocky surface affixed to rock-like shape) hidden in plain sight!

The seamless transition through the glass separating indoors & out is the best part of Sarah Sze at .

This carefully constructed arena by Sarah Sze, which includes saltines & almonds, is complicated by a pendulum!

The first Sarah Sze room in the U.S. Pavilion immediately conveys the mad scientist feel of her show.

Sarah Sze's installation spills out of the U.S. Pavilion at and only gets better inside.

This sprawling sculptural collage by Czech Eva Kotatkova surprised the heck out of me with a living human in it.

387 super-detailed paper houses made by an insurance clerk from Vienna! Now cared for by Wien Museum .

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin'. All cool.... (Thomas Hovenden1875 selfie at )

Approaching from the side, I was sure "Blue Abstract" by Ad Reinhardt was a computer screen, !

Nice pairing, , but the Schwab (top) pops so brightly it takes a minute to see the Lozowick.

Rich, subtly unconventional coloring in this ca. 1922 Franz Wilhelm Seiwert oil on unprimed plywood.

Great little Schwitters collage at "Carnival" (1947)

Duchamp commission by Katherine Drier with fake shadows and a real one from a steel brush sticking out.

Love this Angelika Hoerle. That eye!

Also in the exhibit was Joseph Stella's famed "Brooklyn Bridge" (1919-1920). This show is superb!

First time at . Listening to a radio play that goes with this piece. Funky stuff.

William J. O'Brien bright, colorful metal totems with red on white felt pieces at Marian Boesky.

Map and key in Andrew Kuo's (aka ) painted diagram for reliving 12/25/12 in

It wasn't til I looked at this Andrew Kuo on my phone that I saw the path along the top edges of a folded shape.