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#deathsquad juju. Connected to the MonkeyVerse, living amongst Model-T humans in the United States of NATO, South. Mind by deathsquad, body by Shakeweight 

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Did I show ya I added to the Mac?

Celebrating the long awaited visit to the Joe Rogan Experience with a lil' fine dining. 3PMpst today.

Gotta love two of the greats chattin' admiration! #MMA

I'm thinking "DoucheBag" was already taken...

A younger version of my son watching Chevelle, from the stage. #privilegedlife

Out of gods green but we got Black & Gold.

Geaux #Saints

Monkey suit.

Are you calling into for your DC show? I know is a friend of their show.

How dare you call "8 hood rats shoplifting" a "mob" America! This is a mob of people.

Listening to ~ #mediaassassination

Woke up with & the blunt of life.

I know, rt. We had a work dinner. I walked around blazed & took pics in disbelief. Very enjoyable.

Ya know, the mailbox is the first impression your guest get of you...

where else does one go for fine dining...


Thanks for making me feel a little better about sucking the corporate dick the past 15 years!

Not sure I should buy any more shirts, I think 3 more gives me "the gay."

Had Hendrix not died so soon after this pic was taken the world would have seen Cornrows a decade before they did.

Open it.
Don't open it.
It's your destiny on the line, not mine monkey.

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