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WhiteChapel looks like this currently:


Netview has made it into Softpedia?? Saywhahuh? LOL


Google says she is hot and recommended...

I'm looking at email 1 of negative 2. Gmail is bending mathematical laws

A list of services that you never want (both from an attacker stealth and a user/admin perspective):

Aside from my someone using my Google domain for spam. Anyone else see something funny? ;-)

SYSRET vuln port for Windows by works really well with Meterpreter:

Thank you - it means A LOT that you not only responded via twitter but made a change #loyalcustomer :

#Metasploit at the NSA - "Updated Today 4-20-2010"

Wait.. what?! iOS 6 includes IPv6 support? GAME ON! ;-)

Well played Facebook (link so you don't have to type it: ) -

And the geeks shall inherit the earth...

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