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Glad I scalped one tonight. #kubball



Best part of night.. 2 songs in, Julia asked me where the were from..

Well Alabama Shakes off to a fine start.. Dr. Dre "The Chronic" as bump music..

This is the new Frat pattern.. It's called plaid!

White Pepole #redballoon


No claim on this bounty.. Up the Ante to 6 chicken wings, a 6er of #kindbeer, and some advice about your golf swing

KC bounty mission.. Free sixer of #kindbeer to whomever takes out this guy..

Check out DJ Funky Snow Buddha made in #LFK .

Views at the house..

Views at the house..

Views at the house..

Views at the house..

Crazy weather, but should be pretty when it stops..

Zero Dark #kindbeer Thirty with the ole ball'n chain... Joe's Wine Bar is legit folks..

Holly Backdraft! # . This guy has some Kurt Russellesque stones! Props #kcfd. #plazafire


This sums up much of the insight on the NBC weatherblog as well as intellect of #emaw..

Desperate times call for intelligent measures. #kindbeer #kindkuball