Reluctantly exploring the city of Brotherly Love. Manayunker, Pittsburgher, Nerd. An unusual guy with a taste for simple things. Tweets are my own thoughts.

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hey earthbound friends. a quick peek at a poster i am working on…

"I didn't fight Tojo to come back here and break up cat fights, Lou." - #twitternoir

#twitternoir continues with a scene of slapping me. I wondered what a pair'a legs like her is doing here:

A scene wherein and i are having a hard talk about dames at Chance's Second.

I smile sometimes!

Should I shave? Retweet if yes. Do nothing if yes.

Oh, wow. You're so excited, Philadelphia Gas Works.

I put a drawing of and I on my Kindle's screensaver rotation.

I haven't had a girlfriend in years. This is basically what I am now:

Can you print this photo out of me and bring it around the con like i'm there?

every scene:

I tried to take a picture with my parents' puppy. Tried.

I found this Powerpoint on my computer. Why did I ever make this?

How I'm spending one of the last days I have in Pittsburgh. Anyone wanna nurse me?

I guess it doesn't work. CURSES.

Hmmm. The answer to this question is definitely 'B'.

This is the best email I've ever gotten.

look at this bullcrap

: I'm worried he's here to avenge his friend”