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Calmer now - but still happy about the rest of this week thats in store :)

Wow...yup I was really at the Pad with Discovery sitting 600 yards away #NASAtweetup

Mmmm T38's....I want one...

Now we drive past the OPFs #NASAtweetup #speechless

Oooh SRB bits!! #NASAtweetup #VAB

Words cannot be said as to how cool this is being inside the VAB..#NASAtweetup #spacegasm

An here is the pass to get into the VAB this is the best!

Why are all the cool shoes only ever for kids?!

RT oh dear #betahouse

Hey I found me something you reckoned I needed...

Ok so I got to wear a glove from an ACES suit!!! Yes!! #NASAtweetup

The pumpkin suit! I want to wear it!! #NASAtweetup

Check out Robonaut - he is very cool! #NASAtweetup

LOOK where we are!!!! OMG!! #NASAtweetup

Finally has been silenced!!!

And here is the offending item!! And I held it!! Yes!!

Wow! #NASAtweetup

Well this is a party! #amuckness #bighouse

do we look like real astronauts now?! lol

do we look like real astronauts now?! lol