I like to press buttons and think I'm witty from time to time, therefore, I'm an Electro Pop musician.

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YouTubers, do you know what this means? Does this mean it's ACTUALLY in a queue? or it's failed like usually…?

Applying for jobs genuinely makes me depressed. I can't do this anymore. If only I could respond with this:

Apply for jobs genuinely makes me depressed. I can't even do this anymore.

Who needs the when you're the new cast member of LAZY TOWN! (it was always my true calling…)

Eating all this on my own because no one loves me enough to come over and keep me company whilst I'm ill… #loser

This girl thinks Tia Maria looks evil… then I looked at her profile picture. I have a point, don't I? D:

My response and opinion on , watch the video and make up your own mind here:

Yooouuuuu dick!

THE BOY IS IMPORTANT. #BecomingYouTube #Fringe

I'm really happy that we finally got that load off 's chest. We all feel relieved now.

There's only 11 more days of Fall people…. will do it… WILL HE? #BecomingYouTube

In other related news: It appears has only just subscribed…. CALLS HIMSELF A FRIEND!

i would if i could ;) u're in every shot & the FINAL. Plus the world must see this:

Apaz i'm half way Commy and half way Libertarian. (cc: )

Erh? am I going mad or am I the second most related video to Ke$ha's "Die Young" video on YouTube?

OHMYGOD. I thought they'd NEVER do another album again… but… *excite*… (cc: )

It's a bit ironic that Stacey Solomon is the "head judge" on ITV2's Top Dog Model… isn't it?

Right so, my vid about the Olympics went live but now I'm not sure if I should set this as the thumbnail… too risky?

The best thing about Harry/Coke-gate are the fans who'll NEVER believe 1D would EVER do drugs…