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And now who's this good looking chap in the #DailyStarSunday? #ClaimToFame

  • 614 days ago via site
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Yay! mag have good taste in the tweets they use. :o) #FameAtLast

  • 776 days ago via site
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Make a smiley face using a colon and a bracket they said. They were wrong.

  • 957 days ago via site
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Yey. I'm in Zoo again. It's almost like I'm funny. Almost.

Yey. It's me at what looks like moments before I spat at the audience. #TheyPayExtraForThat

  • 1029 days ago via site
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Hella yeah! What's On TV mags joins the publications who get themselves a bit of Stevie tweet action. Brill!

See, I told you that's how it got its name. Didn't I, & ?

  • 1041 days ago via site
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At the a guy, who saw me 6 years ago, wanted a signed napkin for his bro with my "catch phrase". :)

  • 1042 days ago via site
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When I said I wanted to... nevermind.

Yey! I got another joke in Magazine. (P.S. I didn't actually play Trivial Pursuit. I made it up. Naughty!)

  • 1049 days ago via site
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Me in a wheelchair. Where's lawyers 4 U when you need 'em?

Me, back in my drinking days.

Kids these days moaning that they didn't get the gifts they wanted. This is what we got when I was a lad.

  • 1067 days ago via site
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I told them my surname was "Loadsatax". #Starbucks

  • 1085 days ago via site
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Jeez, Daily Express. We get it. You think it's cold. Is this better?

  • 1092 days ago via site
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Sweet! I got in magazine again this week (and I didn't have to get my moobs out - but I would if I had to).

  • 1128 days ago via site
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In my series of "I can't take a good photo of celebs", Agyness Deyn. But even with my bad skills she looks good.

  • 1148 days ago via site
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Hmm, "PUSH". Not that automatic then, is it?

To everyone who has said I have a coffee addiction, you may have a point.

  • 1164 days ago via site
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Next in my series of "I can't take a good photo of celebs"... Kylie.