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Hahaha he dnt want no one to see his bytch ass

My fat nephew

All to myself i crushed

awwww my babyboy sleepin so peacefully

ugly shot at the dentist tooth hurtin bad

ugly shot at the dentist tooth hurtin bad

how i look now in the am

these are all the thing my baby brought me for my toothache

the card my baby got me wit my flowers nd pain pills

the flowers my baby got me last night

she eatin the fries one by one

big body small top thts the shyt i dnt lik #potomac

mrs.davis nasty ass #potomac

look at the little baby pig :(

i feel bad for the pig

lls she knock out for real

trap stars #Murda

my bestfriend keke got my hold name tattooed on her

was lookin to good

niggas knocked out

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