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It's best to take me with a grain of salt. And, perhaps, a twist of lime.

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Penguins: I like them all. But the two passed out in the back? Love.

M. + me + Em. #itallhappened #anditwasawesome

M + Em x Amoeba.

It really is a shame that we didn't have time to take the scenic road.

Goofy girl. Silly specs. But YAY CURLS.


FUCKYEAH. #FARTBUTT Happy birthday, .

Salt. In wound. #uglycry

Witchy shoes.

Truthiest text ever. #xx #xy

Boy-twin before-and-after.

Hair: buzzy. Ish. Kid: happy. Very.


Panda Bear. Is cuddly. One assumes.

"We LOVE our new pets and will keep them FOREVER." Yay.

Wilco will love me, baby.

And [last picture, I promise] the OMG I Am Breathing The Same Air As Stevie Wonder picture. #ACLfest

The I Love Whole Lots scrunchy-happy face. #ACLfest

The "oh, hi; it's cool: we're backstage with TV On The Radio" self-portrait. #ACLfest