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Stella the Great Dane, dopey lil head filled with sugar plum visions.

I have committed to wearing this bathrobe all winter long. Ladies of Twitter, adjust your libidos accordingly.

The eyes on the one in the middle are filled with Satan's unholy light.

Did I spot a mis-spelled Morrissey/Smiths reference in my beloved #Scrubs.

I stared into IT's dead lights and felt despair. (For #StephenKing junkies only)

Is this the appropriate "crush you like a jellybean" face?

Sigh. I'll miss you, Joe.

Just a little light reading for a potential future writing project. Sunny stuff indeed.

Stella and I still in our aqua blue jail cell. Didn't have bail. Maybe she'll break out with a rhyme. Or an end to damn home repairs.

Stella dog chewed on one of 's toys. Can only assume she got scared, wanted to be invincible.

This is how shows disapproval.

Great. Looks like Dexter will be paying us a visit.

Using a curtain rod to find that damn Well of Souls.

Day 1 of repairs at the House of Horrorpants. Current state of our ceiling. Our wallets have similar wounds.

And has apparently looked through so many samples they just gave up on naming them.

Admit it. You want a HooseCow baseball card.

A heaping helping of #GWAR was just what I needed tonight. Thanks, GWAR!

This is how MrHorrorpants makes a jack o'lantern real quick-like.

My Tweet or Treat contest starts at 6 pm. First 3 winners get a signed HooseCows baseball card!

Due to home repair shuffle, the Psycho house is now hanging with the #Twins. This is odd. Caption THAT, !