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Flow Chart: Should I Eat Cake?

I think we can all agree that Christopher Nolan missed a trick.

Because the Queen doing her De Niro impression never stops being awesome.

Prayers? Get with the times, grandad. God's only accepting Facebook likes now.

Once I melted 4 Chunky Kit Kats together to make a giant Kit Kat. It was the best day ever.

'Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush'. This is why you can't have nice things, humanity

Vulcans are rubbish at Rock, Paper Scissors... #StarTrek

Today's weather forecast...

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Jedi charades always ended in a fight on Christmas Day

Darth Vader felt his son's presents

Oh crap. The world is doomed.

My friend has sorted Facebook. You're welcome.

Hi Will & Kate. For Future Reference. A Flowchart for Dealing with a Crying Baby.

Hi Daily Mail. I'm assuming the vomiting virus *isn't* the elixir to weight loss that you're talking about?

Organising the Secret Santa on the Death Star was a logistical nightmare…

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Endor - The dullest place in the galaxy #starwars #rtoj

It's almost the weekend. Shall we see what the Stormtroopers are up to on Twitter?

Dude. Why are you questioning Death?

Touché, Google. Touché.

The quality of a Bond film is inversely proportional to the quality of the theme song. There is a graph so it is FACT.