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In other words, you didn’t need “Anonymous” to bring your sites down, you ownself do.

Justin Beanber. [via ]

Photos of #NikonDF are out. All buttons and dials. #Nikon

Dress up as a Power Puff Girl for your daughter’s sake. #HowToBeAManlyMan

The Ghurka who fought and defeated 30 Taliban on his own. #HowToBeAManlyMan

Riding a unicycle. Off-road. #HowToBeAManlyMan [image by ]


[Image via ]

I can’t seem to access the Straits Times site. Is it also undergoing #PlannedMaintenance ?

In case you can't see DPs… *ahem*

Virgins of Changi! Your abstinence is finally going to pay off!

Maybe PM meant this #SampanTwoPointZero

"It is for them (NTUC) to support our idea, not for us to agree to their way of doing things." - Security Assoc Pres.

Play the #SampanTwoPointZero mission! #Battlefield4

Helping a friend find his missing dog. If you see this Lemon Beagle, please contact the numbers on the poster.

Practise safe Facebook giraffe-ing! Use giraffes from legit websites and not dodgy ones! Or use mine! Heheh.

This #sgflood storm reminds me of the children's church in Burlington, Washington, that the wife & I saw last year.

Unfortunate toy design…

Even Batman has given up his Batberry.

Lady Gaga's newest look: Hash Brown Koala Bear.

Hey , Service 107 (SBS 9600K) aircon needs servicing liao. Bus feels like an oven.