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Grandma bought Isaac this toy M4A1/M203 Carbine. I taught him proper firing position. NS never leaves you.

Why do they design a USB Broadband thumbstick to be so broad that it blocks the other USB port?

Me doing my best impression of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from Transformers 3.

Driver of SBS Service 55, SBS8777. Cutting me off at the Eunos Link bus stop was dangerous. Ignoring my calls to stop, worse.

You know you have arrived when you become a cosplayer's costume #yamahmee

Dr Tony Tan at his #sgpresident press conference.

My favorite screen capture from police drama/ recruitment ad 警徽天职 C.L.I.F.

Not sure how creating a dustbin that looks like Earth is supposed to remind me that the Earth is NOT my dustbin.

Guess what I am a riding? Heheh. #ndp2011

Dear Health Drink ad, I think one would feel better in 14 days just on regular exercise & a balanced diet alone.

After biometric scanners failed, Malaysia says drivers can email their fingerprints in advance & Customs will scan in by hand.

Why is Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia ah? King is sensitive word issit?

This is where we're having dinner in Sydney: Flying Fish. Nothing to do with Singapore's 小飞鱼 tv series. #sparc2011

Seen in Sydney: Superior copier paper has transformed how Optimus prints.

After I did my light planking prank, I saw this at a Sydney store display.

If you knew Magneto as a kid, you'd know he was gonna be badass — via

This is the mrbrown show recording studio. We use this for other work too.

The secret to Green Lantern's great PSLE results.

I cycled by a new bicycle shop recently: This is their FB SWEE!!!

Irrefutable proof that Pritam Singh & WP Aljunied team is related to LKY!!! #sgelections