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slugs and snails are after me, DDT keeps me happy now I guess I’ll have to tell’em, that I got no cerebellum

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I checked this in an incognito window just to be sure - but sometimes Google makes me despair at my fellow humans..


Nice display of lights from just around the corner. Pleased to say it's all static - not a blinky light in sight.

Eh, enough Jimmy Savile. Here's a VT clock from 1977 instead.

Still from original Jim'll Fix It opening titles. Slightly unfortunate, to say the least.

The out-of-focusness manages to make my daughter look almost menacing in this picture. It's the pink wellies, you know.

Crappy photo (straight into the sun) but this, my dears, is (most of) Lady Gaga's tour motorcade.

It was indeed a misty moisty morning on the way to nursery a couple of days ago.

Election '74 - when some contributions still came in in black and white. Labour's Edward Short looks impressed.

It's a shame this magazine never made it beyond an online-only test issue. FSVO "shame", naturally.

Stumbled across this woo while looking up better references. It's the followup comment which really makes it.

It is very clear that I need to buy this child a fez. #justlikethat

Inspirational words!

And here's an OBS title card from one of their video idents:

For the presentation nerds - an Olympic Broadcasting Services / EBU countdown clock:

Here's the "storage usage" bar from iTunes for my iPad. What's wrong with this picture? #arithmeticfail

And a nice shot of at the team car. Never got a decent shot of Hinc before. That's Boasson Hagen behind.

And here's chatting to Lars Bak. All I heard from the side of the road was "You think I'm joking, right?".

(take 2..) Here's what I took pictures of today - leading on the Col de la Croix. #letour

My daughter, the Death of Bananas. This is after a large pot of yoghurt.