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Co-Founder of @Lexicontent. Roots at @TEDx, @NBC, @BarackObama. I help brands explore emotional targets + create content for the human heart.

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Using copyrighted content as your own can cost you at least $30,000. IMGembed to the rescue:

Do good work for good people.

So cool! This is what , formerly Atlantic Steel, looked like in a 1971 ad. (via Atlanta Time Machine)

As painful as Tax Day is, Tax Refund Day is SO worth it. One step closer to owning this little guy... #ChevySpark

Has anyone here ever traveled to the US Virgin Islands? #scheming

Just ordered my parents a heart shaped pizza. Hope it gets there with all the snow! (They’re in PA.) #valentinesday

Wow! A huge thank you to for featuring #OnBranding front and center today :)

Ladies and gentleman, Sour Patch Kids has released its latest ad. And. It. Is. BRILLIANT. #GIFmill #fb

Always! My favorite bumper sticker in the world…

I’m giving away my 1st batch of homemade bourbon brown sugar almond body glaze with pink Himalayan sea salt. Want it?

Tonight, on Eccentric Antiques Roadshow Expressions...this lady is SHOCKED. #GIFmill #fb

THANK YOU, for an absolutely magnificent grand opening complete with 's beautiful face! #ATL

Excited for ’s #GoldenFlame Awards at ! Love our family’s outstanding talent!

This game in a nutshell. #GIFmill #broncos #colts #deathstare

This stage setup is absolutely outstanding! Love watching these product demos in action. #Salesforce

What happens when you have a baby shower in a room full of designers. The Banksy of onesies right here.

The kind of boots you wear until they become pure butter.

Here's to Atlanta, and the love of my life, and BBQ pizza on top of the world. <3 #Atlanta #ATL

You know you work in design when you look over your shoulder — and your own clients are standing right behind you. :)