love lady gaga white wheels judas video im rich white tweets real ladies vis everyone talking about @GreenDay one direction are winers

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  • 1489 days ago via site
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me at a bar Blonde blue good to be home sydney celebrating hes 3 million doller successs in hong kong yes richer

  • 1489 days ago via site
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just checked my bank as i head to sydney from hong kong bueisness deals my fav celebs it feeeels great to see my milliioons blue cash this morning and im due more smashers next month i love life so magical

  • 1490 days ago via site
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my fav celebs it feels greazzzzzz im freeeeeeee 3 million in my bank nothing can exress joy i feel jumping for joy

  • 1490 days ago via site
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I love the colour blue my new nicknae the blue blonde Australian perfecs blue skies over sydney

  • 1491 days ago via site
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young millonare non exisitent celebreating in hongkong hes 3 million stock exhange sucesss we won money laugheing

  • 1492 days ago via site
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heheh sky the limit for me in sydney earlier morning i can see the ligh my photographer takes it for the milionare

  • 1501 days ago via site
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so excited in my black bluesuit a blue morning outside my mansion in sydney life exciting for the young millionare

  • 1501 days ago via site
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victory outside my mansion in sydeny my rich family member jan
secured oil contracs at the oil honk kong stock exchange our family due millions so excited money victory

  • 1501 days ago via site
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yes lif sweeh for the young millionare in sydney

  • 1513 days ago via site
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whats up kate from england I met you on no string attached ill meet ya march your fav song kates s

  • 1537 days ago via site
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party last night young millionare with black shirt at fudge bar sydney last nig now to get serious record contrac

  • 1537 days ago via site
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hightlight of the day me in white shirt the young millionare last night drinking at bar sydney 2013 my year

  • 1571 days ago via site
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me young millionare age 26 been out with two ladies i met on stardol but twiter is still the king of chat and imvu

  • 1590 days ago via site
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have all money in world mehomes las nigh pos olympic party only wear sunglases my faher worth $350 million im rich

  • 1617 days ago via site
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im waiting for my limo to arrive with my buddies me couple days ago i am richhhhhhhhhhll

  • 1617 days ago via site
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canh get enough of beach weh my homes in sydney my era coming yes olympics 2012 yes yes

  • 1635 days ago via site
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life good here in sydney were here having great time im the most eletrifying man in bar entertainment life enjoy

  • 1644 days ago via site
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party all night longggggggggggg in sydney

  • 1660 days ago via site
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nightclub scenes last night Australia yes we liking Ausse next stop me fellas its new zealand for more good shows

  • 1670 days ago via site
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