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I had something witty to write, but then I saw something shiny. I moan constantly.

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I still have trouble with #WhyIStayed.
But this is most definitely #WhyILeft

All I wanted to do was check my #Facebook... #catlady #furscarf #kittenlove #growingabeard

Im not going to say cheer up, cos that's annoying, but hopefully this'll make you giggle x

Im going to a Hawaiian themed bbq this weekend. Loving the vampy classic ;)

I say things sometimes...

chavetastic earrings yooooo :) x

mermaid nails?

ombre aztec nails

'galaxy' nails. I'm unsure of them...

sponsored by blue skies? :)

Packed the essentials to stay at mum's tonight. #priorities


Wish it was as acceptable to say this to people as it is to cats.

My evening with

#meow #crazyeyes

New hair yooo.

Today I look like this #vanity

this is so happening right now.

Avengers whut! #puglife

My new registered emotional companion. Hopefully this one won't leave me.

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