Former soldier, former police officer, and current college student. Also a conservative with libertarian leanings; perhaps even bi-libertarian. We'll see.

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When is free not something I want? Well, I could use it for emergency TP.

Added an XPS2-0 to my #AR15. Now if I only had enough cash for the fold over magnifier.

Added #Grip23 from to my #AR15 last night. I really like the angle of it compared to the A2 style I had.

Trying to do homework, but there's a distraction. #cats

A note from my anti-gun professor after a heated "discussion" on gun control in class. #utoledo #2A

My trip to Toronto opened up a love affair with #LaysKetchup flavoured chips.

Convention days are always so tiring, but worth it.

I have a great idea! Let's send 30k people through one set of doors. The incompetence is staggering. #SDCC #fail

Bam!!! #SDCC2013

Dear #SimpsonsTappedOut, please leave your apologist bullshit and lefty politics out of the game.

Happy Birthday US Army.

Has started a line if greeting cards? #KruiserCards


Yeah, it's like that. #cats

Wait. Wrong shocking graph.

Wait. Wong shocking graph.

... 1951, as this shocking graph indicates: (2/2)

I built this #AR15 myself from parts. This is with the upper hand tightened. I'm waiting on a vice block.

People: Stop saying "magazine clips" or using the two terms interchangeably. They are not the same thing.

This little always knows just what o say.

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