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Founder of Exploration Solutions: developer of #NASA research, education, & technology projects on Earth & for microgravity flights; photographer & #Phish head

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Good Morning from Beatiful Lake Tahoe. Have a nice day!

I'm sure he was jealous of Scooby Blue....

Heavy shmevy....

Mini roadtrip art wine adventure with ;)

Now THAT is a big lathe!

in more ways than 11111 #fb

Dear twitter & facebook friends. help me identify what this means #fb

Snowboarding & sushi rhyme. Yes they do! #fb

pow pow...

Photo'd firedancing; Check. Late night party; Check. Putting on longjohns; Check. Good Morning!

I'm on a boat!

I've seen snow before, but these are my very first icicles... #fb


Had to check a bag, plus I knew I was gonna eat, so why not get Main Cabin Select from FLL to earthquake ville? ;)

in a word. WTF!!??

How accidents happen, or, How overpaid union dudes that don't pay attention at work can put lives at risk.

Why our healthcare costs so damn much or; how many union dudes does it take to change a lightbulb?

oh no way... we need to follow the green lightcycle paths to check in...

Driving on Miami's 836 to the hospital looking at this while playing TRON soundtrack is just surreal.