Matthew F. Reyes


Founder of Exploration Solutions: developer of #NASA research, education, & technology projects on Earth & for microgravity flights; photographer & #Phish head

Photos and Videos by @motorbikematt

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Awesome belt buckle survival knives Sean & O'Day Presley by Now at Mtn View Arts fest.

Are we there yet? #fb. #rapture

Let's get this party started... #sts134 #fb

Dear , Endeavour is cleared for launch; I have arrived. #sts134 #fb

Pure Joy.

N794AJ. Best decision taking that job, best decision leaving that job. I might miss the plane, but I will always have my friends. ;)

"Death to street art!"

Two termer.

African Violet : White Crème de Cacao Liqueur, Blue Curaçao & Whisky. #Welldone #fb

Dig Well. Live Well. Repeat! #WellDone #fb

Brick it + Bag it + Flush it

Future Building!

Outer space!

Microbial mats....yucky muck for some, heaven for Spaceward Bound researchers Lee & Brad Beboudt #SBMojave

Brad Beboudt samples methane produced by microbes living in springs on the shore of the soda lake #SBMojave

Showing school teachers how algae, lichen & other organisms form living soil crusts in the desert #SBMojave

Hiking to rhyolite formations #SBMojave

Last minute preps for DREAMS balloon flight #SBMojave

Plotting the course w/ to potential landing sites for tomorrow's balloon launch! #SBMojave

Setting up high altitude balloon rigging for tomorrow's launch! #SBMojave