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I like it when people put thought into their wifi network names.

“A Clean House is a Sign of a Wasted Life” Sounds good to me! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :)

It was called ‘Donut at Tiffanys’ and it tasted expensive ;) And crunchy.

Kickin’ it old school with It’s like inception but not.

WHOO HOO I am the Tim Horton’s Doughnut Champion! Thank you for awesometastic prize basket of awesome! #BlissdomCA

Full house for Anatomy of Great Content w/ #BlissdomCA (I’m hiding in the corner!)

One heck of a room full of passion and creativity here at the kickoff at #BlissDomCA WHOOT!

Congrats to OFFICIAL launch in Canada! http://t.co/52Dv18he0R #BlissDomCA Thanks for the party crimes!

Poorly packed luggage? Check. Ridiculous shoes? Check. Business cards? Check. I’m ready for !!

Thank goodness the view from our bed helps alleviate the stress of moving. So worth it. Stop complaining katie.

Declaring this the best Pocky ever. Best part: 7yo doesn’t like it so it’s mine, all mine mwahaha.

Dental practice in our ‘hood has a sense of humour in their mailer. It’s not original but still made me laugh.

Showed this to my cat. He laughed, called me a philistine & said making him smarter can only hasten the end humans.

Someone stole my Kobo and won’t give it back. FTR He’s reading The Shining Girls.

My traveling partner. We've been hitting the road together since she was 10 weeks old.

Getting my grill on with The David from s Cannot wait to get grilling... #DavidsCondiments

Nutella & strawberry crepes made by talented coworker. Almost forgot to immortalize in social media history!

Because I'm 12, I found filling out my 7yo's camp form really funny.

Every year, in the same drainage ditch, I find this flower. I named it Sir Bulb of the Defiant Clan. Or "Bulby".

Saw a few like this on the subway this morning, doing the same thing. This guy wrote many words. What a good son.