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Kiss me goodbye, I'm signing off; a life less plagued. West Virginia Straight Edge.

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No recon onions at McDonald's...? #takehertoViperCity

Dude...I'm one step ahead of you

Anyone interested in a brand new Sick Of It All hoodie, for sale or maybe trade?

Sending a package that is...

Quick, I need opinions. These are $50. Buy?


#FF my wiener

I went to get Sonic in Steven's car and realized his window doesn't roll down farther than this. #dammit

I have two pairs of camo pants, one normal and one desert camo... :( Example:

Should get these pants? The answer is yes.


This is a Powerpoint slide on our Africana Studies notes, from our super African

So this is my shirt for work

I've got a few but it ain't enough!

Dead Island knows


This is why I love

Thank you love <3 we miss you too!!

I got this awesomely trashy hat at Kmart last night. $5.

Coming soon to a War Hound pit near you