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This is why I don't do social media more often these days. I'm always obstructed by the weird and unexpected!

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420 plays total. Hey! 4-20 man! Woah! Must be a sign or somthin', dude. The gods of ganja are smiling on you, bro!

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Thanks iTUNES. But I still gotta wait 6-8 business days before I can get a six-pack of beer!

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Testing-out this little GIF animation I put together this morning.

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Attack of the data-mining-marketing-metric-analytic-shell-account follow-back uselessness brigade! Such irritants!

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Not only does this laptop come with Windows 98 installed, it also boasts an upside-down mouse for cursor control.

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Jammin' with the toast and egg pic. Placed a few hexagons in there so I could say "hexagons" for the

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My current position offers the ultimate in flexibility and job security.

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Overview of the Alberta PC's updated provincial budgeting guidelines. #ableg

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Hey ladies! Time to rethink giving candidates the benefit of the doubt based on their gender? #cdnpoli #ableg

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Alberta Premier upgrades specs. #ableg

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Couldn't tear myself away from it. The simu-populace would've been stranded w/o my visionary guidance. #simutrans

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Managed to bring a few media storage devices online in my home network. Little triumphs. Next act: fstab TV card!

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Well this was a first for me. I vaguely remember some kinda sordid exchange last night... .

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My own working budget is less than $20 / week plus all the tobacco I can handle. Time for a crowd sourcing effort.

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Probably in much the same way I did this ... We neglect the lessons of the past at our own peril.

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Originally, I was going to select eleven songs for my CD compilation... insight into my musical tastes anyway.

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I never seem to tire of buttered toast w/ eggs. If you're wondering what's beside the eggs, it's a baked potato.

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Not the first time I've gotten a "snare tweet" moments after making political commentary. Maybe the 100th? #ableg

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I call this one Lotusk At Day.

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