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In Japan even the mid-range hotels like ours come w/ the ubiquitous toilet seat bidet. R u listening, U.S. hotels?

  • 2167 days ago via site
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I forgot that DTW has an elevated tram *inside* the main terminal. Kinda freaky at first.

  • 2169 days ago via phone
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Oh sure, they laugh at my dancing, but they have no problem eating my gourmet pizza w/ fresh deli Italian sausage.

  • 2173 days ago via phone
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PVG just might have the coolest ceiling/roof of all the int'l airports. #Shanghai

  • 2182 days ago via site
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From a distance, our hopes were high...until we got closer and discovered the "Gourmet Food." #Shanghai

  • 2182 days ago via site
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Dude, I totally had the idea for this restaurant name like 20 years ago. Ya snooze, ya lose.

  • 2189 days ago via phone
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Sara feelin' it concert July 3,2009 in Seattle.

  • 2192 days ago via site
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A better pic of Tegan- concert July 3,2009 in Seattle.

  • 2192 days ago via site
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We were right next to the stage, especially Tegan here (better pics are on camera, but can't post yet)

  • 2194 days ago via phone
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Jumping on king size hotel bed: $200. Watching dad scrape head on popcorn ceiling: priceless.

  • 2195 days ago via phone
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It's all fun & games until someone grabs the $6 snicker bar from the hotel snack basket by mistake.

  • 2195 days ago via phone
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What to do w/ carpet in this anxiety-inducing, maze-like pattern? Put it in an AIRPORT, of course (MSP). WTF?!?

  • 2200 days ago via phone
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"Wild Thing" - Song=good. Ride=evil.

  • 2207 days ago via phone
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With a name like "Steel Venom" how bad can it be? Enough to use my Dad's Day get-outta-ride-free card.

  • 2207 days ago via phone
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Because apparently I didn't learn my lesson 29 years ago from the original version. Already regretting this.

  • 2209 days ago via phone
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A common sight in places like China, this is the first time I saw an apartment move via bike here in the U.S.

  • 2212 days ago via site
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The meditative benefits of weeding one's garden boxes is but one perk of working from home.

  • 2217 days ago via phone
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Baby banana fingers! Cracks me up everytime. Yes, I know, very easily amused.

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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Well hello there, Dianthus. You look as good as I feel on this fabulous day!

  • 2231 days ago via phone
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Daaamn that was good! I really should splurge like this more often.

  • 2243 days ago via phone
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