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Epic mustache

herp-a-derp sharks

Somedays you just wanna feel like Nick Fury.

This is what happens when you get syrup from a food replicator

I like to start with an exfoliating scrub, followed by an alcohol face mask to help tighten and tone.

FINALLY!!! A set that comes with the droids I'm looking for...

Dear EVERYONE who wears biking shorts to the gym...

1douche. Nothing screams MASSIVE TOOL like a vanity plate proclaiming you are incapable of controling mental/bowel functions.

Yesterday and today's workspace...

Some people sleep with stuffed animals. I have a vicious watch cat that doubles as a pillow.

A lion always protects his cubs.

My niece is a Gaga monster

Ever wonder why some people don't see any change in the gym?

It's a herp-a-derp shark kinda day.

All ur cheez burgers are belongz to meh.

My High Potion. Cost: 4 Gil.

you know what they say about evil twins... You just need a goatee.

Cute overload for the day... Note the tie.

Boom baby

Good morning world! I has a floor.

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