My mind is like a plastic bag.

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Aww, so exciting for him. Millie's already excited here, she remembers every year :-)

Porn for you xxx

when I go, I go large!

my mother in law doesn't like dogs and said she wouldn't be won over. 3 years after meeting mine she sends this

We now have a million presents (if you try to burgle us I am a vicious bitch; Millie's soft)

Sister in law brought more presents round earlier. Millie is guarding them, she's so excited by pressies :-)

weird clouds today, lovely though.

I now have planets in the toilet. they glow in the dark.

The sky is throwing some cool shapes out today

Rhiannon, German Shepherd collie cross xxx

Dinky and Millie

Here is Noodle close up (and Millie who you know)

Rather pleased with my photo put onto canvas for the hall. I took that :-)

And here's some logs.

Here's a #funguspic from today.